China backpack brands introduction

2018-06-28 08:18:12

Best backpack brand and backpack OEM/wholesale service supplier 

Backpacks made in China are being sold around the world , High quality and low price, backpack made in China is loved by backpackers all over the world. Hebei province of China is a major hub for military backpack factory. As a well-known backpack manufacturer in hebei province and China, we have many registered brands of our own . Our backpack brands include "浪潮、泰雅、Balmatik、Omaska、Rolling Joy" , Among them, there are international brand - OMASKA which is registered in Algeria, Liberia, the United States, Sweden, France and Italy . Our company attaches great importance to brand and promotion. We make a lot of efforts on backpack product design , marketing, backpacks export and after-sales service, business model innovation and management innovation and so on . 

China backpack brands    China backpack brands       China backpack brands        China backpack brands        China backpack brands

 Our backpack brands 

Brand honor 

We have been awarded the excellent backpack brand by the Chinese government for many years .Omaska, which specializes in rods and backpacks sold in middle eastern and African markets, seeks high-quality agents in various countries to increase our brand influence. 

Rolling Joy is mainly targeted at luggage market of developed countries in Europe and the United States. Balmatik is mainly aimed at the backpack product market of developed countries in Europe and the United States. 

Backpack OEM/wholesale service

OEM service We are also backpack OEM manufacturer , We are very pleased to cooperate with backpack brands from any country in the world. Our backpack factory will prove your choice is wise with the best product quality and service .

Backpacks we produce

Outdoor backpack , hiking backpack ,military backpack ,waterproof backpack ,canvas backpack , school backpack , leather backpack ,business backpack ,sling backpack .