On May 1 travel mask disinfection should not be careless

2020-05-02 11:21:00 Jacky

At present, the global epidemic situation has not been controlled. When traveling, everyone still has to pay attention to the related protection work to avoid bacterial infection. It is important to sterilize masks when traveling on May 1st.

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Now that the global epidemic is still in a stage of prevention and control, whether you are going to work, school or travel, you must remember to wear a mask. Especially when you travel on May 1st, masks are even more important in places with high traffic. Wearing a mask helps to prevent and control virus infections, but at some point we will take off the mask, which is when eating, especially during the holidays, many people will still choose to go out to the restaurant, eat a good meal , But many people take the mask off and put it in a bag, pocket, or simply pull it on the chin without taking it off, but these actions may cause cross infection of viruses or bacteria on the mask. At this time, the mask disinfection appears Especially important.

So, how to sterilize the gaps that are not used by masks? APOLLO DREAM UVC disinfection kit can help you solve the problem. When the mask is not in use, directly remove it and put it in a disinfection bag for disinfection. It only takes three minutes to remove the odor and bacteria attached to the mask. Masks, to protect your health.