the Advantage of Canvas Backpack Bags

2018-07-26 11:38:30

Why canvas backpack is so popular ?

canvas backpack bag

Advantage one : environmental

The biggest advantage, of course, lies in the environmental protection. The fabric of the canvas backpack is made of high-grade canvas, and the canvas is made of cotton. Therefore, the canvas has good durability and can be recycled.


Advantage two : elegant appearance

Because it is made of canvas, it is more convenient to design, so the style is usually more fashionable and fashionable, and it is more complete in function. Zipper, inner bag, card bag, notebook bag, dark bag and so on are all designed to be very practical, the material is relatively soft, the back is not so stiff.

canvas backpack

Advantage three : printing effect

As the canvas is made of cotton, the color absorption effect is also very excellent. It can combine colors well into the canvas and maintain a good color reduction degree, making the rucksack look very bright and much better than the nylon fabric.

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Advantage four : all-match

Whether you are wearing a sweater or a nylon coat, a canvas bag on your back will look very comfortable. Canvas bags are not required for clothes, no matter what you wear, they can match well. So, canvas bags are also a must for young girls.

canvas backpack for girl

Advantage five : cheap price

Buy a canvas bag with fashionable design commonly price won't too high, spend 100 yuan, you can choose a lot of design, such price also can consume to the student, to white-collar gens it is not a problem anymore, and to wash it cost extremely low as well, a few washing powder can wash clean.

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