backpack material types list and comparison

2018-07-17 14:49:59
Do you know what kind of material a backpack is made of ? Today, as a China backpack factory ,we will talk about it!
If you're a backpacker or a marketer, As you know, the backpack is usually made of polyester and nylon .

polyester material backpack

The main characteristics of polyester is a high strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance ,easy to absorb odors, such as sweat, if the polyester bagback used for a long time, the backpack will be smelled .

polyester material for backpack

Nylon material backpack

Nylon has high abrasion resistance, light weight, good elasticity, and does not leave sweat easily.

So you can choose different fabrics backpacks according to actual needs,if you always sweating, I recommend you to choose nylon backpack, if you often use a backpack under the strong light, it is recommended to use polyester material of backpack.

nylon material of backpack

Other material of backpack

In addition, PU, canvas, cotton, Oxford, cowhide leather, polyester, denim, wool, PVC and sheepskin is also used in backpack manufacturing.
Different types of backpacks usually use the right materials,For example, backpacks typically don't use leather, especially for outdoor sports, canvas and denim materials are better suited.

For a casual backpack, the leather will be better. The leather is not only breathable, but also looks very deluxe. In addition, sheepskin is a new trend in recent years, but the market share of sheepskin backpack is much smaller. The drawback of a leather backpack is that it's more expensive than other materials. Although the leather backpack looks luxurious,But not as strong and durable as canvas,and t's also more difficult to clean.

In recent years, the PU backpack has also become more and more popular . 

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