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2018-07-17 14:51:38

As the trade war between China and the United States continues , More and more people are beginning to care about China's economy . Although the Chinese are reluctant to admit it, it is a fact that China is lagging behind in high-tech fields .

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China has become the workshop of the world in recent years , it is mainly concentrated in the manufacturing industry of some consumer goods . China has not mastered enough technology in areas such as precision instruments and high-end communications equipment .
China's market is huge, its labor is abundant and relatively cheap .Therefore, in some labor-intensive industries, Chinese manufacturing has an advantage . Backpack is such an industry.

China's backpack industry has three advantages.

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1. Backpacks are cheap

China's back-packing factories have a human cost advantage thanks to a huge pool of cheap labor . According to statistics, the total number of employees in China has reached about 400 million ,The number is almost as large as the population of the United States .

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2. Bulk purchase makes the cost lower

Every day, backpack sellers from all over the world negotiate business with backpack suppliers in China , A steady stream of orders has allowed backpack manufacturers to buy large quantities of raw materials , This effectively reduces the cost of procurement and raw materials.

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3.Bulk purchase orders bring High quality backpacks

Stable orders allow Chinese backpack factories to continuouslypay their workers . Workers have a steady income, so they won't leave easily .Stable workers have accumulated experience and skills in production, so the manufacturing process and product quality of backpacks are guaranteed .
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After reading my analysis, if you want to purchase a large number of backpacks, you should have your own answer for the supplier .