The company organized a father's day celebration

2018-07-10 08:52:22

Father's day is a western holiday that is being accepted by people all over the world . It originated in the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century, usually on the third Sunday of June .

Father's day is becoming popular in China ,Chinese people have a tradition of filial piety,But Chinese people are usually not good at expressing their feelings ,Especially among blood relatives . The popularity of father's day make change happening.

We are an enterprise that attaches great importance to the well-being of employees and their families , We want employees to be able to share father's day as well as get paid . We hope our employees to love their fathers and their families .But many workers don't know much about father's day ,So we held this party, although it had some Chinese characteristics .

father's day party

Make a wish for father

father's day party

share story

father's day party

play games

Simple father's day activities, right? You know, this is the Chinese , We have as much emotion as people all over the world. We love our family and friends, but we are not good at expressing ourselves .

If you meet a Chinese like this, try to understand that he deserves to be your friend.

At last , Happy Father's Day.

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