How to choose a suitable large capacity backpack ?

2018-06-23 08:15:59

There is a big difference in size

General, the so-called large outdoor backpack usually has a capacity of more than 60 liters.Generally speaking, the capacity of 60-75 liters is the most suitable for outdoor activities in spring, summer and autumn.The advantage of this capacity is that it allows you enough space to carry equipment, and the backpack itself will not be a burden on weight.

If it's more than a week or a winter trip,Because of the need to carry food, fuel, sleeping bags, tents and so on, capacity below 75 litresis not enough, 80 or even 90 litres of super capacity backpack will be a better choice.Although the backpack is large enough, its weight is a big problem, and if you're not physically fit, it may not be for you.

Bearing system

The ideal carrying system not only distributes weight equally, but also gives consideration to everyone's different shoulder width and back shape, and even the thickness of the chest must be adjusted.All the details have been adjusted so that you can walk with ease and balance.
These small details may sound innocuous, but when you go for a few days later, the weight of the shoulder if uneven distribution, not only let the back started by oppression, will be accompanied by pain, it will slow walking speed, and even affect your sense of balance, sometimes will be harm to your life, so be sure to make the right choice.

Simple design is the best

Many backpacks have lots of straps and pockets, but because the large backpack itself is large enough, it has plenty of internal capacity.If a lot of other equipment is added, such as long or short adjustment belts, it will affect the convenience of walking. Especially in mountain forest, there are many dense and dense arrow bamboos and shrubs, which will interfere with the speed of walking.So, a simple rule should be followed when choosing a backpack.

How do I make sure this backpack is suitable to me?

backpack is very important for long-distance travel, and usually is not cheap, so it is difficult to make a purchase decision, especially in outdoor shops , how to determine the suitable backpack in a short time, became the biggest problem.
So backpack when the choose and buy should first determine size and style, another simple way is filling backpacks with full water filled bottles and clothing or newspaper , Then carry your backpack around the store for a dozen minutes, when any minor discomfort or minor imbalance needs to be taken seriously.This will help you filter out some of the wrong backpack styles.

Difference between men and women?

There are only a few outdoor brands that offer large backpacks for women, and for women who want to indulge in hiking, it's worth paying more attention to them!In general, due to the women's narrow shoulders, big hips and waist, the proportion of choosing backpack, should mainly consider bearing system, and carefully the straps and waist straps to adjust, it is not hard to choose the right backpack.

Now ,you should have an idea to choose a backpack with a large capacity.

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