How to Choose School Backpack for your child back to school ?

2018-08-09 09:32:11

Back to school time , how to choose school backpacks ?

It's time for the students to go back to school again,Dear parents, do you know how to prepare a suitable school backpack for your child? Let's discuss this topic !

1. size of school backpacks 

The student backpack is very different from the adult backpack. The main difference is the size.The size of the schoolbag of average primary school student is in 20*28cm can satisfy use .When your child is ready to go to junior high school, you need to prepare him with a 24-by-30cm backpack.By the time they reach high school, they should be closer to the size of an adult, with a backpack the size of 30-40cm is more suitble.

school backpack

2. School backpack style

Elementary school students like the school bag with a gorgeous appearance, while junior middle school students' choice of the school bag's appearance becomes diversified.In general, girls are more likely to prefer a princess or anime pattern, while boys are more likely to prefer a backpack with a car pattern.

school backpack

3. School backpack carrying system

The backpack carrying system is very important and is the core of a backpack .

A good backpack carrying system is even more important to the developing students.Good carrying system will reduce the pressure on the shoulders of students, and will not affect the normal physiological development of students.So what I'd recommend is that when you're helping your child choose a backpack, it's best to let your child try it on first, and remember, make your backpack filled with something that weighs as much as his books.If the backpack is very easy to use, and the shoulder is well balanced and of the right size,yes, it is worth buying !

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