How to Clean your Canvas Backpack ?

2018-08-31 08:22:37

Do you know how to clean your favorite canvas backpack

Here is the tips from backpack manufacturer.

1. Choose dry cleaning if you can. As cotton made canvas backpack are easy to fade during washing, do not use cleaning solution containing bleach or fluorescent agent.

2. If your canvas backpack does not contain a stubborn stain like oil, try to reduce using of scrubbing solution.

3. Before washing your backpack, soak it in cold water. Don't expose it to the sun.Don't twist the bag by hand after washing to avoid distortion.

4. If you use leather on your backpack, apply some leather toning cream, and try to avoid bending or pressing on the leather to prevent it from deforming.

5. For the first time cleaning your backpack, try adding a small amount of renegade or white vinegar to the water and then dunk it in the water for about 30 minutes to prevent discoloration.

Hoping these tips will help you,The next time you're cleaning your canvas backpack, try these tips and you'll be surprised !

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