how to clean nylon outdoor travel backpack ?

2018-07-20 14:16:27

How to Clean backpacks ?

If you especially like your backpack, you must be very concerned about how you can clean it , Today China backpack manufacturer going to tell you about a common method to clean backpack .

As you know, most outdoor backpacks are made of nylon , When used for a period of time will be covered with dust and oil ,If you want to wash your backpack clean with water, it's will be very difficult ,Even if you wash your backpack clean with water, it will leave some marks on it when it dries .

how to wash a backpack

Here's my backpack cleaning secret

Equipment to be prepared

1. shoe brush or soft brush

2. absolute alcohol

Now, the smart you should have guessed what to do next !

Clean your backpack with a soft brush dipped in anhydrous alcohol , Remember to keep it airy when you wash it, or the whole room will be full of alcohol smell . Also, when you use a brush to clean your backpack, it's better to brush in one direction . Do not use medical alcohol, which contains 25 percent water, and if there is water, there will be some dirty marks on the backpack after cleaning .

 anhydrous alcohol

Why can anhydrous alcohol wash a backpack clean

Anhydrous alcohol is an organic solvent that dissolves some hard-to-clean oil stains, while anhydrous alcohol is highly volatile, leaving no trace on the backpack after evaporation . The most important thing is that it can brush the backpack very clean

Safety note

Alcohol is a inflammable and dangerous product. If you operate it at home, you must be very careful .

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