Nike launches 3D printed backpack bag

2019-05-19 17:43:41 Jacky

3D printing technology is becoming more and more popular. Not only are some small startups interested, but many international multinationals are also involved in 3D printing.

OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China

This Rebento backpack features Nike soccer shoes Magista and Mercurial's flying weave pattern, which uses 3D printing technology to laser-sinter the nylon to form a cross-web woven structure to create a lightweight and durable flexible bag. The 3D printing process allows designers to incorporate different designs into a single structure, unlike traditional processes that require separate manufacturing and then sewn together, and are lighter in weight. This 3D printed structure seamlessly combines the upper part of the sports bag and the belt's hand and high quality leather with the bottom without any glue or adhesive.OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China