How to choose a qualified and practical travel bag

2019-06-02 07:22:27 Jacky

1. When purchasing travel bags, you should purchase products of appropriate specifications and fabrics according to individual needs.

Most of the hard cases are resistant to high temperature, wear, impact, water and pressure. The hard shell material protects the contents from being crushed and impacted, but the disadvantage is that the built-in capacity is fixed. The soft box is convenient for users to use more space, and most of them are light in weight, strong in toughness and beautiful in appearance, and are more suitable for short trips.

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2.the travel bag is easy to damage when using the tie rod, the walking wheel and the handle, should pay attention to these parts when buying.


OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China

When the consumer purchases, the length of the drawbar can be selected without pulling over. When the telescopic puller is repeatedly applied for dozens of times, the pullbar is still pulled smoothly, and the pullbar lock is normally switched to verify the quality of the drawbar. When looking at the box wheel, you can put the box upside down, the wheel leaves the ground, use the wheel to make it idling by hand, the wheel should be flexible, the wheel and the axle should not be tight, and the box wheel should be rubberized. Low noise and wear resistance. Most of the handles are plastic parts. Generally, good quality plastics have certain toughness. Poor quality plastics are hard and brittle, and they are prone to breakage during use.