How does the luggage industry deal with trade wars?

2019-06-08 11:42:49 Jacky

What factors may be affected by the luggage industry?

OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China

1. US dollar exchange rate: The US dollar continues to appreciate strongly in the global market. As most of China's luggage industry is still in the stage of OEM, processing, and small profits but quick turnover, the exchange rate changes will greatly affect the demand of overseas buyers. Although China's central bank responded promptly to the exchange rate between the US dollar and the renminbi, other emerging market currencies have been hit hard, indirectly affecting the import demand for Chinese products.

2. Adding tariffs: At present, the luggage industry has not been added to the list of possible tariffs.

 How does the luggage industry respond to possible crises?

A. Negotiate with customers the impact of exchange rate changes and create a win-win solution.

B. Enhance the awareness of independent brands and improve the competitiveness of intangible assets.

C. Improve product quality and enhance product tangible competitiveness.