What is the difference between a waterproof backpack and a regular backpack?

2019-08-02 14:22:44 Jacky

The speed of turning the face in the summer weather is the same as flipping the book. It means changing and walking. The most fearful is the storm coming from the people. It is indifferent if people are wet. If the important documents and electrical appliances in the backpack are wet, the loss is lost. But it's not a little bit, so it's even more important to have a waterproof backpack. So, how is the backpack waterproof? What is the difference between a waterproof backpack and a regular backpack? To listen to Omaska's brief description is What?OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China

1, material differences

 The biggest difference between the waterproof backpack and the ordinary backpack is that in the material selection, the ordinary material is wet when it is in contact with water, and some materials have the function of water repellent, that is, a coating is added inside the material to block the entry of some rainwater, but if it is encountered It will be useless for heavy rain, and the material to be coated has a certain useful life. It will not work for a long time. Most of the materials used in waterproof backpacks are airtight or breathable, and the coating is thicker and the other side is even filmed for better waterproof performance.

 2, the difference in production process

The waterproof backpack making process is more complicated than the ordinary backpack. Many fully waterproof backpacks need to open the mold when they are made. The common ones are some hard-shell backpacks, which are all used in the mold-opening process, while the ordinary backpacks basically only need to use the traditional The sewing process is ok.

3, the difference between accessories

Regardless of the waterproof backpack or the ordinary backpack, the opening method of the manufacturer is the zipper opening, which involves the selection of the zipper accessories. The ordinary backpack selects the ordinary zipper, which is not waterproof and breathable, and the zipper selected by the waterproof backpack is waterproof and water-resistant. It will not penetrate into it, and it can protect the contents of the insurance more effectively. There are several ways to open the bag of the waterproof backpack: generally, the roll is opened, that is, the bag mouth is folded and then fastened with a buckle or other components to achieve the sealing effect. The other is a bayonet type sealed bag mouth, which is used for small waterproof bags, and a large waterproof bag is unrealistic. Another type is the airtight zipper opening. The airtight zipper is also a waterproof zipper with a high waterproof level. This zipper is costly and is generally used for advanced waterproof backpack openings, outdoor ice packs, and waterproof waist packs.