What is the process of customizing the backpack?

2019-08-18 11:45:18 Jacky

Proofing to the customer confirms that the backpack sample is the most common thing for the manufacturer of the backpack. If the customer can place an order, the quality of the sample that the manufacturer gives to the customer must be absolutely passed. Moreover, how the quality of the sample directly reflects the technical strength of the manufacturer. Therefore, most customers will ask the manufacturers to take a look before placing an order. When it comes to proofing, who knows the process of custom backpack proofing?

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1.First determine the material When you are proofing, you must first determine which material to use to make the sample. Most customers are unfamiliar with the backpack fabric. Therefore, the manufacturer should recommend the corresponding materials according to the customer's requirements, so as to facilitate the customer's choice.

2, the output paper box proofing out of the design design, this time to set the size and shape of the bag. The size and shape of the luggage are provided by the customer, and then the paper lattice master analyzes whether the luggage structure is reasonable according to the demand, and customizes the luggage corresponding to the demand according to the experience.

3, determine the production process If you have done the above two points, it is necessary to decide what kind of craft should be used according to the materials used in this backpack. Of course, it is also necessary to look at the style and route of this backpack. The luggage-style design of the free-to-open luggage manufacturer will allow the designer to communicate directly with the company to confirm the design, and then let the master write the draft according to the design. At this time, check the backpack details and the overall drawing.

4, the official proofing After all the preparations are done, you can normal proofing, a pack of several pieces of material combined, through the relevant process to make a finished backpack. After doing the work, check the details of the overall sewing process, curvature and handling of the bag. If the process is not good, the proof is a failure. If the sample is sent to the customer, it will not be recognized by the customer. Therefore, all aspects of the proofing sample must pass the quality. Of course, the production of large goods can not be sloppy. When it comes to backpack proofing, many people think that the backpack manufacturers have a lot of samples, which should be readily available. In fact, we mainly do OEM processing, personalized custom processing backpacks, the factory does not leave inventory, are customized according to customers. Quantity production delivery, many guests we will have a lot of inventory, this is a misunderstanding, we will only keep a sample after processing a large number of goods, placed in the sample room for display. Therefore, once the guest needs the model, especially the sample package provided by the guest, the board is manually processed by a single player.