Where can I find a backpack factory in Thailand?

2018-06-20 13:38:52

If you're running a backpack brand, but you don't want to run a backpack factory yourself,In this case, you can find a backpack factory, which usually provides OEM and customization services. But such backpack factories are rare in Thailand. 

So,Where can I find a backpack factory ?

China's backpack industry is growing rapidly,More than 80 percent of the world's backpacks are made in China,China has a large number of backpack factories and is usually experienced in production ,But in terms of design, only some factories have done better .If you have finished the backpack design and you just want to find a factory to help you complete the production , China backpack factory is a better choice than factory in Thailand !

Where can I find a backpack factory in Thailand

China backpack factory VS Thailand backpack factory

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China has more factories, mainly in hebei, guangdong and zhejiang provinces.China's large population makes it cheaper for workers and With the rapid development of Chinese factories in the past 20 years, more technologies and management have been introduced into China's backpack factories .That's why Chinese backpack factories can make more competitive bags.

So, when you try to find a backpack factory in Thailand , just Consider Chinese backpack manufacturers ,they won't let you down .