The world's top 10 best countries and cities for backpacker travle

2018-07-04 20:23:53
For those who want to know themselves and explore the world, traveling alone may be the best way,But even with boundless aspirations, many people are often deterred by security concerns.
The following are the 10 best countries for backpacker to travel alone after I have combined life expectancy, life satisfaction and environmental protection.

let's backpacker !

Top 10 countries and cities for backpacker

10. Indonesia


The most popular tourist destination in Indonesia is Bali!Here you can wander in the beautiful sea, try to relax the yoga, experience the rich cultural practices, and low price is one of the additional benefits, if you prefer fewer tourists, can also take transport to other nearby island to enjoy different amorous feelings of Indonesia.

9. Sweden

For backpackers, Stockholm is a relatively easy city to travel alone, modern but with a lot of natural beauty and cultural sophistication.




Japan has a unique culture, not only rich history, but also a fairly modern country.It is a place of good security, friendly and courteous people, convenient in food and transportation, and a perfect destination for those who want to travel alone.
7.Chileans are notoriously hospitality, in the long, narrow country, you can explore the desert, mountains and the sprawling coastline, and even have a chance to be invited to the local people enjoy BBQ together, experience the human culture of Chile.



Vietnam's rich cultural and natural beauty attract people travel around the world every year to explore, here you will meet many and you the same backpackers, eager to local food, coffee, water landscape, cultural history to the panoramic view.


Many people travel to Austria first to Vienna, which has a long history and good security.The local residents attach great importance to art and the transportation is very convenient, especially the local food and desserts attract many people.

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4.Costa rica

Costa rica was rated the happiest country in the world, has always been a vacation paradise. Costa rica have blue ocean and rich tropical rain forest, attracts backpackers from around the world.

Costa rica


Switzerland has a lot of natural scenery, so you can go into the mountains and enjoy a quiet trip as long as you need to buy a train ticket.The quality of the local people is very high and the security is very good. For the first time to travel alone, Switzerland is a country where you can visit with confidence and get a lot of benefits.

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Travelling to Norway is a dream of many people.Living standards have always been high in the Nordic countries. For backpackers, Norway is a great place to travel. You can see very rare fjords and glaciers.


1.New Zealand

New Zealand's natural landscape is spectacular, with rain forests, glaciers, seas and mountains, making it the perfect place for backpackers to explore the world.Also, local people are friendly and open, which is very important for backpackers traveling alone, so New Zealand is the first choice for many backpackers.

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