What is a good backpack for traveling

2018-06-16 11:14:29

Backpack is the necessities part of our life,Especially in travel, a good hiking backpack can make us enjoy more. So do you know what makes a good backpack ? As a leading brand of backpack manufacturer,, today we will show you what a good backpack is.

backpack for traveling

Glue joint part of a good backpack

Check the Glue joint part , Generally speaking transparent glue adhesive means better product quality, less smell, and more environmentally friendly. If it's cloudy, it's not a good backpack.

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  • Good backpack use good Glue and zipper

  • Hardware accessories are an important factor in judging the quality of a backpack.Good backpack hardware accessories are shiny, look heavy, no burrs, especially zippers, high quality zippers are very smooth to use.

  • Backpack design

By design 

A good backpack should have a good design, and you can check these parts carefully, such as the circular part of the backpack, the sharp Angle part, the cover of the backpack, the symmetry part and the shape of the three-dimensional part.


By touch

By touch, you can feel the backpack material, generally speaking, feel more comfortable the bag quality is better, of course, we can't generalize said as soft as possible or as hard as possible, depends on the specific bag style.

By smell

If your backpack smells good, congratulations, it's probably a good backpack, and if it smells bad, it's hardly to say it's a good backpack.

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